More detailed startup status, Material Library and Snapmark fixes

More detailed startup status

Each time you turn on your Glowforge, we use the camera to identify the important parts of your Glowforge and where they’re located. This is a multiple step process that may take a few moments. Before, you’d see “Calibrating” while this is happening. We’ve updated the machine status messaging so that it’s clearer how the process is progressing. You’ll now see the status update from “Focusing”, to “Centering”, to “Homing”, and finally to “Scanning”, and then “Ready”.

Save settings to Materials Library on Firefox

We’ve fixed an issue where Firefox users were not able to save their settings to their Materials Library.

Snapmark Beta bug fix

We’ve fixed an issue where designs containing trace artwork was not working correctly with Snapmark. With this fix, newly added trace artwork will now work with Snapmark (however, older files containing previously created trace artwork will not yet work).

Notification bug fix

We’ve fixed some cases where the same notification may show up twice in the Glowforge App.

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