Lots to print? Make a Copy!

When we released Autosave, we heard that it was a great feature - but sometimes you wanted to keep the original design, even though you’re making a custom version. For example, perhaps you have a coaster with a cool engraving. When you have friends over, you have them add their name by using the ‘trace’ feature and print them a custom coaster set. But you want to keep the original, without their names, too.

Today, once you edit the coaster, you have to either undo or re-upload it to get a new, blank one. With “Copy”, you’ve got another option.

To duplicate a design, simply:

  1. Go to the Dashboard at http://app.glowforge.com
  2. Hover over the design you’d like to duplicate
  3. Click the arrow that appears at the top right side of the design
  4. Click "Make a Copy"

You’ll get an exact copy, so you can edit one and keep the other. Note that this only works for your own designs, not designs we provide (like the Gift of Good Measure) or that you purchase from the Catalog (which you can reset after you modify them).

You all have the best ideas - there are lots more ideas for how to make file management work well, and we’re looking forward to making lots more improvements. For the time being, though, we hope this will help.

Thank you so much for all your feedback!