Light Plywood is coming to the Glowforge Shop! Plus new firmware

Light Plywood is coming to the Glowforge Shop

Later this week, we’re going to start offering Light Plywood. It has the same outer hardwood layer and semi-gloss coating, the same price, and comes in the same species as Medium and Thick Plywood but there are a few things that make it stand apart.

Compared to Medium Plywood, Light Plywood:

  • Is half the weight
  • Is slightly thinner at 0.12”
  • And the best part is… it cuts about twice as fast!

You’ll want to do some experimenting with it - the core is natural hardwood instead of engineered material, so it’s stronger in one direction than the other. That means it can be better for structural designs, but not as good for extremely thin parts like living hinges.

Light Plywood

Light Plywood will be available in the Glowforge Shop later this week. Sign up here to be the first to know when it’s ready!

New firmware

We have an update to the firmware that will be automatically applied the next time you turn on your printer. This update doesn’t change anything now, but will help us prepare for future improvements.