Introducing new Proofgrade™ materials and printing status improvements

Fixed Those Printing Problems You Told Us About

We collected a bunch of visual problems you’ve reported - long times overflowing the window, flickering images - and they’re going out today. Thanks for letting us know about any and all problems you find!

Print progress update

New Proofgrade Hardwoods, Acrylic Colors -- and Thick Plywood

There are three gorgeous and practical new Proofgrade Hardwoods available now:

  • Pale, creamy white Basswood, used for centuries by mask makers and puppeteers, is the lightest hardwood and perfect for your most intricate engraves
  • Yellow and green toned Poplar, treasured for its flexible nature, is especially porous and paintable
  • Rosy Red Oak, which almost appears to glow, boasts unique cathedral-like figuring that adds natural elegance to any project

Basswood Hardwood

Poplar Hardwood

Red Oak Hardwood
Red Oak

Our acrylic collection now includes custom-cast colors like our signature “Glowforge Teal”, a deep royal Purple, and radiant Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, and Fluorescent Pink for projects that need an extra boost of vibrant color.

New Acrylic Colors
Five New Acrylic Colors: Purple, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Blue, and that iconic Glowforge Teal.

For your heavy-duty project, we’re excited to offer a new “Thick” variety of Proofgrade Plywoods in Maple, Cherry, and Walnut, which measure about ¼” in thickness.

Like all Proofgrade plywoods, the Thick line is made with a custom-engineered fibreboard core sandwiched by natural hardwood veneer, resulting in a beautiful and versatile material that you’ll use every day. Each piece of Proofgrade plywood is masked to give perfect prints, finished with a semi-gloss coating for an an ideal finish, and includes a barcode that takes care of settings automatically.