Improving camera performance & new catalog designs

We have a new firmware update that improves communication with the cameras on your Glowforge, which can cause pictures to load faster and may reduce camera errors. The firmware will update automatically the next time you turn on your Glowforge.

New catalog designs

This week, we’re adding even more designs to the Glowforge Catalog. Choose your favorite hardwood to print these Ginkgo Leaf and Cherry Blossom Earrings, or a playful acrylic for these Hummingbird and Pouncing Foxes Swirl Earrings.

Decorate your favorite cupcakes with this Double Happiness Cupcake Topper (also available in a Stylized Swan), or stretch your fingers with this Three-Axis Spinner Toy.

These are available for purchase as single print or unlimited print, and are free with your Glowforge Premium membership. They also come with full commercial rights so you can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell! You can check out all our recent additions here.