Give a heart, spark an idea

Every day, we come across amazing creations made by customers like you. We see personal mementos celebrating life’s moments, educational projects for kids, practical tools for everyday tasks, and simply stunning artwork. We see them in the community forum, in various social feeds, and sometimes it’s just a note sent to our team. Your creativity humbles and motivates us to improve your Glowforge experience each day.

We know how one great idea can inspire many more. So our team put together a quick daily dose of inspiration for the app dashboard. We hope seeing these will spark new ideas for you - whether it’s something you’ll want to make right now, or an aspiration for another day.

We want to share with you projects that we’ve been having fun with here in our office too! This month, we’ve been sweetening up some treats. You can download the design used in the video from the new Share widget, which you’ll see as a little paper airplane in the top right corner. Print it out directly, or personalize it with your own message to share with your friends and brighten up their day. We’ll update this widget from time to time with free amazingness for you!