Forge with Friends

Your Glowforge (and all the superpowers it gives you) is probably something you want to share. With your friends, family, neighbors, or someone you met at the hardware store and bonded with over ceramic tile. But your Glowforge account is also private and for just YOU to use.

So imagine, if you will:

  • Your friend from across the country heard about your Glowforge arrival, is just as stoked as you are, and wants to print something without the cost of a plane ticket.
  • You want to share your Glowforge with your family, but you remember what happened when you shared your Amazon account with them....
  • Your friend is thinking about buying a new Glowforge and just wants to check it out when they come over for dinner next week.

We’ve got you covered: there’s a brand new “Add user” button on the top right of Click it and you’ll find a page where you can invite people to use your Glowforge - simply type in their email address, send the invite, and your friend will get an email. Lots of friends? You can enter a list of emails, separated by commas, of all the people who now owe you favors.

Your friend, once invited, will have access to a page where they can set up their account and pick their username. When they push the “create account” button, they’ll be taken to the dashboard with ten designs to get them started (including the luggage tag and puzzle you might have seen at Maker Faire).

They’ll have their own Glowforge account that’s not tied to your credit card and won’t mix up your print history with their print history. They can post questions to the forum so they don’t have to bug you about the latest 3D engraving developments. And soon (but not quite yet) they'll be able to visit to buy you some thank-you Proofgrade materials, and the forthcoming Design Catalog to print you something awesome as a token of their affection.

Sounds like a good excuse to have a party.

user invite 3

This part is really important: only give access to people you trust. Of course, to actually start a print, someone has to push that big glowing button. But, please be aware that anyone you invite to use your Glowforge will have “Full Access” to it, meaning they can:

  • View the materials in the bed of your Glowforge, anytime
  • See when a print is active on your Glowforge, and who sent the print
  • Cancel ongoing prints
  • See who else has access to use the printer, and add and remove other users

See a list of people who can use your Glowforge

Speaking of adding or removing users, the new Glowforge Printers page (found under Settings) will show you a list of all the printers you have access to (your own, and any printers that other people have given you access to).

From the Users settings tab, you can also invite and remove others from any the printers you have access to.

You can also see who the “Owner” is - this is the account that was used to first set up your Glowforge. Other users can’t remove the “Owner” from accessing it.

user invite 2

New Settings page (Don’t miss the chance to pick your own username!)

When you’re logged into the Glowforge app, click your name to see the printer(s) you have access to, and a link to your settings page. Here’s the fun part: now you can pick out your own username for the software (note: not linked to the community forum). Choose wisely.

user invite 1

First time getting started?

When your Glowforge arrives, we know your number one priority is to start printing beautiful things ASAP. New Owners will now have access to a carefully constructed, step-by-step guide to get their Glowforge named and ready to print in no time flat.

On Time

The print timer just got even more accurate. We’ve made some improvements to help it check in with your Glowforge more often to give you the most accurate time estimate.

Itty bitty UI fixes

Thanks for the great feedback on the cut/engrave settings! We’ve swapped the order of power and speed on the workspace steps to match what you see in the Manual Tab itself. We also fixed our spelling mistake (sorry, Steinberg!). Please keep sharing your feedback on the forum!


Stuck? There's a link at the top of the Glowforge App for Support. Click it to find troubleshooters for everything from Wi-Fi setup to upload problems, with more to come.