Proofgrade across Europe; get notified when your favorite materials are available; higher speed for raster images only (1/20/20)

Get your Proofgrade across Europe!

We’re delighted to say that Shop has been opened so that customers in all EU countries can purchase Proofgrade materials. Teal Acrylic or Passthrough-sized Cherry Hardwood anyone?

No more checking the Shop

You said it’d be useful to hear when sold out Proofgrade materials are available again. Now, you can be the first to know! Click “Email Me When Available” for any sold-out Proofgrade material on to sign-up today.

Higher speed for bitmap images only

We recently started beta testing for two big improvements to engraving - we increased the top speed of engravings, and we gave you the ability to engrave while the head was still coming up to speed in the margins. We’ve had a number of reports of issues for vector engravings, so to take advantage of these features, you’ll want to convert them to bitmaps before engraving. To do that, select the vector image, then click Object->Rasterize (Illustrator) or Edit->Make a Bitmap Copy (Inkscape). Note that in Inkscape you’ll also need to delete the original image.