Veneer will knock your socks off, Draftboard in the starter pack, and referrals round the world

Veneer is now stunningly pre-finished

For those of you who’ve experienced Proofgrade materials, you probably noticed that our plywood and hardwoods had a beautiful semi-gloss finish applied at the factory. This premium water-based UV-cure finishing coat is applied by high-end industrial machinery. Unfortunately, it can’t be used on our veneer line, which is made of micro-thin flexible slices of real hardwood.

And that’s a shame, since some of our favorite projects are made from veneer - they’re particularly amazing for wrapping your laptop in real hardwood. The 3M peel-and-stick adhesive means they’re ready to use, right out of the laser. But applying finish to them used to be a real pain.

Well, we’ve finally found a process that can deliver that same amazing finish on our Proofgrade veneers. We’re delighted to be able to start selling the finished veneers in the store now (at a slightly higher price) - the unfinished veneers are just about gone.

Veneer finished all Veneer finished maple Veneer finished cherry Veneer finished walnut

Draftboard in the starter pack

As you probably know, every Glowforge comes with $150 of Proofgrade materials as a thank-you for the long wait. We’re shifting the pack contents around to include two sheets of Draftboard and upgrade the veneer from unfinshed to pre-finished.

We’re also adding a third sheet of Draftboard beyond the $150 worth of starter materials, at no extra charge. That sheet is for you to save in case our support team needs you to print on it for troubleshooting. We’ve seen some problems that can only be diagnosed by printing on Proofgrade material, so we want to make sure you have a piece of it if needed. Save this in case our support team asks you to use it for a test print.

International Referrals

Last week, we started sending out notices with each Glowforge where the buyer used a referral code: the referrer gets a $125.00 Glowforge gift certificate good for Proofgrade materials, designs from the Design Catalog, or even a new Glowforge unit! (They can also opt to receive $100 instead). This week, we’ve rolled out payments to our international referrers. So for our referring friends from overseas - thank you for your patience, and keep your eyes peeled for those referral payout emails.

Catalog and Shop: open to the people you invite

No longer will you have to share your precious Proofgrade materials or watch your friends gaze longingly at your chock-full-of-designs Dashboard. Now you when you invite friends to use your Glowforge, they will also have access to the Glowforge Materials Shop AND Glowforge Design Catalog. (Note that you must have access to a Glowforge, either as an owner or as a guest, to use the catalog and shop).