Design Catalog and referral rewards

By popular demand: the Glowforge Design Catalog has officially launched! Starting today, every Glowforge owner will be able to browse (and buy) a variety of tried-and-true premium designs, created just for Glowforge printers. Look for the Catalog link on the new top navigation bar when you’re signed into the Glowforge app.

Design Catalog Dashboard v2 Design catalog product v2

We’re launching with a range of designs from quick to sophisticated - whip up a batch of dominoes for game night, a personalized wine caddy for your friend’s housewarming party, or a handsome leather wallet or clutch that no one will believe you made yourself.

Excited to build that picture frame or wallet/clutch, but worried about assembling it? Each design in the design catalog has instructions so you can follow step by step instructions on exactly how to build your personalized product. Simply find the instruction button on your workspace, and the workspace drawer will open to reveal step by step instructions.

Design catalog instructions button Design Catalog workspace v2Design catalog instructions Design Catalog instructions details

Of course, our amazing designers will continue to add products of all shapes and sizes, so check back frequently to see new things you can make.

Get Ready for Referral Payments

If you’re one of the thousands of Glowforge customers who shared your referral code, I have some terrific news.

You already know that if someone uses your referral code they get a $100 discount and you get $100. Well, we’re making that better.

Starting this week for US customers (and soon for international customers), every time we ship a Glowforge unit to its forever home, the person who referred that buyer will get their reward. They can opt for the $100 they signed up for, of course. But some of you had a better idea, and we decided to do it.

A $125.00 gift certificate.

That’s right: if you refer someone to buy a Glowforge unit, you can upgrade your reward to a $125.00 gift certificate good for anything Glowforge sells. Proofgrade materials, Catalog designs… even a second Glowforge unit! Just watch your inbox - when their unit ships, you’ll get an email asking you which you’d prefer, the $100 payment or the $125 gift certificate.

Finally, more good news: you can still achieve referrals! You can check on the status of your referrals or grab your link to share by clicking the Referral link on the top navigation bar in the app. Include your link when you post photos of your best Glowforge projects on the web. All your friends who are green with laser-envy can take advantage of the discount, and you’ll rack up even more referral dollars. Win-win!

Thank you, as always, for supporting us - we can’t wait to get everyone their Glowforge!

Fewer print errors

We’re making some fixes to our infrastructure that should reduce or eliminate the errors you might get when you try to upload and/or print large, complex designs. Just more examples of how your feedback is invaluable to help us find and improve our software for everyone.