Compact Filter, Set Focus, and Extreme Temperature Sensing

Compact Filter Switch

You’ll find a new option under the gear icon that you’ll need to use if you own a Compact Filter. Turning on the switch will slow the internal fans of your Glowforge so it runs more quietly, while your Compact Filter pulls air through. You can learn more about the Compact Filter here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.00.22 PM

If you’re using the Compact Filter, flip the switch! If not, please leave it off. For details on proper use of the Compact Filter, please read the Compact Filter manual.

Set Focus

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.16.39 PM

We’ve added a second new tool under the gear: “Set Focus”. To use it, click the gear, select “Set Focus”, then click on the material in the place where you plan to print. It precisely measures the height of the material, and uses it for two things:

  1. Focus. Set Focus replaces the step during printing where the software picks a spot and measures it to focus the laser beam, so you can control exactly where the focus point is.
  2. Preview. Objects get bigger the closer they are to the camera. Set Focus adjusts for this distance. It tends to make the preview more accurate near the spot you chose.

Number one is helpful in cases where your print is right near a cutout, and the autofocus during print might miss the material. Number two is helpful when your material isn’t perfectly flat, you haven’t measured it, your crumb tray is warped, or your Glowforge isn’t on a flat surface.

We’d love your feedback on this tool and how it works for you.

Extreme temperature sensing

Your Glowforge already senses the temperature of the coolant in the laser to pause when it’s getting too warm, but your Glowforge just got smarter in a new way. We’ve now configured additional temperature sensors in your Glowforge’s air intake, lid, head, and exhaust to measure the temperature inside the unit. These can pause the print if the temperature gets extremely high (much higher than temperatures you would ever find in a weather forecast) so you can check on it.

Updated fan sensing

We’ve updated the fan sensing algorithms to make them more accurate.