Cleaner cuts, cool running, and a better pinch and zoom

Pro is even cooler

Our engineering team has cooked up some ways to squeeze a few more degrees out of the enhanced Glowforge Pro cooling system. With this update, you’ll see Glowforge Pro units operate even better in the summer heat - warmer rooms with fewer pauses!

Pan and zoom in a pinch

We hope you and your fingers have an easier time scrolling and pinching with our latest updates - we’re making every gesture count. If you’re a mouse user, you can now use your scroll wheel to pan up and down through your workspace. If you hold down the Ctrl/Cmd keys while scrolling up or down, you’ll zoom in and out.

Chrome and Firefox users will notice some improvements in our pan and zoom for trackpads, too. Just pinch and expand with two fingers to zoom in and out; to pan around your workspace, simply drag with two fingers.

Updated Basswood cut settings

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to improve our Proofgrade™ Basswood cut settings to make sure they cut through reliably for you. We only launched this product recently so we love the feedback on it!