Better Proofgrade Detection and New Firmware

Better Proofgrade Detection

Some of you let us know that your Proofgrade materials weren’t being detected by your Glowforge. Thank you! We’ve rolled out a fix based on your feedback that will more reliably read material barcodes.

New Firmware Release

And now announcing… very little. The next time your Glowforge powers up, the firmware on you system will be quietly updated to the latest version. You probably won’t notice (our firmware updates have always been silent and uneventful) but there are some bug fixes that should make things go more smoothly.


In the past, if your Glowforge got too warm, it would abort and potentially ruin your print. Now, it will just cool off for a bit and continue. The head will stop moving, but everything else will be the same. Coming soon: the UI will update to let you know this is happening, and we’ll lower the temperature limit to improve your performance. (In the interim, printing when it’s over 72 degrees or so may result in the laser not cutting through consistently - right now it only pauses when the temperatures are critical).