Better button and fan monitoring

Button glow

You know how delightful it feels to push the button? You know how annoying it is when you think your print’s ready, but it’s really just autofocusing? Well, we fixed it! Previously the button will start to glow while your Glowforge is preparing for a print, calibrating, or focusing. Now, the button will only glow white when it’s ready for you to hit it to begin a print - no more false start!

This new behavior will gradually roll out to all machines over the next week. Once it’s enabled for your machine, it will be installed as an update the next time you power your Glowforge off and on.

Fan monitoring and cleaning

Just before the start of each print, the fans on your Glowforge spin up to full speed so they can whisk away any smoke and fumes that arise during prints. We’ve added fan speed monitoring to ensure that the fans come up to speed before each print. In the unlikely event that the fans don’t reach the proper speed at the start of your print, the button will turn amber and you’ll see information in the Glowforge app.

If this happens to you, first check that your exhaust vent is arranged correctly. If the air can’t escape, the fan may not be able to spin up. If the problem persists, cleaning your fans may help. To assist, we’ve added a new fan maintenance page that you can follow for cleaning: