An update to the Glowforge iOS app, squished bugs, and a new catalog design

Updated Glowforge iOS app

We continue to improve the Glowforge iOS app experience. We just released an important update - it’s so important, you’ll have to update your app before using it next! The update fixes a few things, including:

  • Making it possible to open files from other apps using the iOS share action
  • We eliminated an issue that was causing some designs not to load
  • We heard some users were experiencing a crash issue - thanks to your feedback, this is now fixed

Squished a couple workspace bugs

Every now and then we have to squish a couple bugs to keep your workspace experience running at its best - this week:

  • We fixed a bug that was causing artwork to get rendered as black, filled-in shapes
  • We made some performance improvements to your dashboard so that the full list of your designs loads faster
  • You can now copy and paste text in the text entry boxes

New catalog design

We just added the Compass Rose Notebook Cover to our catalog. It’s another one you might recognize from the original crowdfunding video! Since it’s a Glowforge launch video exclusive, many of you will get it for free. With just a single sheet of Proofgrade™ medium leather, you’ll be able to keep all those important notes safe from the elements. You’ll see this one in your accounts soon.

compass rose screenshot

Compass Rose Notebook Cover

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