Glowforge App Interface Improvements (7/30/19)

Improved scrolling, touch, and mobile

We’ve made some improvements to the Glowforge interface based on your feedback! These are particularly helpful on phone and tablet, but you’ll see improvements on many desktop devices too.


  • Touch commands (pinch to zoom, two finger drag to pan) work better
  • Improved layout on phones and tablets
  • Click and drag on the dotted edge to rotate
  • Scroll bars on some devices when you have too many steps to fit into the screen
  • Select objects on touchscreens by dragging a selection over the elements; unselect by tapping anywhere outside the group
  • On phones and tablets, “Add Artwork > Upload” will let you take a picture with the camera

Known issues

  • Two finger zooming and panning are not supported in Trace; tap the hand button to move things around
  • Reordering steps sometimes doesn’t work
  • Older devices might experience lagging or freezing

Tablet and phone support is still in beta, so we’d love to hear your suggestions. Since this is a beta release, our support team can’t handle your questions yet - head to this forum thread to share your feedback and any problems you might find.

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