Spare Parts & Pro Shields

If you’re the type that likes to be prepared for anything, you’re in luck. We now offer spare parts for your Glowforge printer, from fresh laser lenses to pristine packaging for safe transport. You can find them in the spare parts section of the Shop. And yes, you can even purchase additional pairs of the must-have eyewear, Glowforge Pro Glasses.

Extra exhaust spare part Extra pro glasses spare part

Pro Shields

Back in June, we announced that we were developing Pro Shields and adding them to every Glowforge Pro order. Pro Shields fasten onto the Pro Passthrough slots to ensure that nothing - material or laser light - comes in or out. They’re easy to add or remove with just two finger-screws that are permanently attached so you don’t lose them.

In the next few weeks, Glowforge units will start being delivered with Pro Shields installed already. If you have received your Glowforge Pro without shields, no worries - we’ll ship a pair to you at no extra cost to you. (We don’t have an estimated ship date for you yet, but will email you when they’re ready).

Pro Shields