3 hour planned downtime, but you can keep printing! Squished more bugs

3 hour planned downtime, but you can keep printing!

We’re here to embolden new laser powers from the hopper to your hands. To help us deploy new features faster, we need to migrate some of our internal systems to a new platform. This means glowforge.com will be under maintenance for about three hours this Tuesday Oct 16, between 3AM and 6AM (PDT).

Here’s the important part: Insomniac Americans, mid-afternoon Münchners, and everyone in between can keep their lasers lasing! Login services will be offline, but app.glowforge.com will be going strong. To do so, be sure to log in to app.glowforge.com before 3AM PDT. Once logged in with the app open, you’ll have full printing functionality, even during the downtime. Thank you so much for understanding while we all make Glowforge great together!

Squished more bugs

We’ve fixed a couple of bugs:

  • Materials library: We fixed an issue where custom settings were not loading properly for a few users. This happened when the browser got out of sync with the server. Refresh the browser and the settings will be loaded up again!
  • Snapmark beta: We fixed an error for Snapmark beta customers that was causing some designs to fail when the Snapmark markers were in the far corners of a design.

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