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Here are a couple of leather masks that I made last year, prior to receiving a Glowforge PRU. These were hand cut, carved and sculpted, then dyed, painted, sealed and embellished. They’re variants on a design theme that I’ve been playing with over the last decade + . When I made them, I thought they’d make a cute pair but they ultimately sold to two unrelated clients.

Amusingly enough, I was recently contacted by two more (also unrelated) people, asking for custom variants on this ever evolving theme. These two were cut using a :glowforge: PRU, and the darker one also features a glass cabochon that was engraved using the PRU.

This one is for a costumed wedding. The iridescent blue/green tones match her dress and accessories, and details are per her specifications. I asked if they had any symbols that are special to them, and she explained that they’re steampunk aficionados who love the idea of time travel; thus we incorporated an hourglass theme into the cabochon at the center. Unfortunately, that may be hard to see as those aurora borealis cabochons are a real pain to photograph :wink:

The second one is painted primarily in a pearlescent ivory/white that fades out to a golden bronze ombre. It’s accented with the same crystals and flowers found on her ballgown:

I was super happy to finish off the final details on these pieces last night, as it leaves me free to spend today messing around with the new low power settings … I’m so excited!!!

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