Pre-Release | Oculus Reparo - Pt. 1
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Supplies: Proofgrade 1/8" Black Acrylic - Op time: 27 mins.

This is a multi-part project. This part is mostly to prototype if what I trying to do is even possibleor even look good to begin with.

So the idea to have a wall clock (Arduino controlled- Specifically a Sparkcore) that’s tied into the HA (Home Automation) And to show a couple attributes of what’s going on. In the form of mechanical notifications and LEDs. This post deals with the visual part that will act as the ‘seconds’ hand.

As usual my journey starts in F360.

The purpose is a ‘cross spinning’ pattern to indicate the seconds. I played around with a couple patterns and shapes but I really dig this one.

Exported it out to AI and assigned a couple colors to indicate what’s a engrave, cut and a score.

Once that was done- I sent it out to the Glowforge.

This is what it looks like spun manually.

I know it’s hard to see in the animation above, but the ‘crossing pattern’ I was attempting to do seeing it first hand it looks pretty cool. I think the next step is to use some frosted acrylic to act as a diffuser to and use a couple addressable LEDs to match the color temp outside. Then when it gets dark set it to a deep purple.

Edit > This should be a better view of what I am talking about.

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