Couple of Recent Leather Projects
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Well, I’m still making leather wallets. So nothing too much more to say about that, if you’d like, feel free to check out the other posts I did about the previous ones like the first post I did, or or second post, or the most recent one where I used shaving cream to stain the wallet. Anyway, here’s the latest, which I think it really sweet (pun intended).




Just something about the green with the brown that is really slick together. I figure since I’m a Hawaii based business, I may as well offer pineapple patterns, right? Okay, so I’ve been wanting to take on a slightly larger project, but nothing too complicated. Figured a simple, optional drone pouch would suffice. Got to designing it, which now that I’m done, if and when I make V2 I will have some additional changes. This was really a working prototype, but overall I’m happy that it turned out exactly how I imagined.




Bit too much space on top where it clasps shut so I can add a second post a little lower to solve that, I wanted an open bottom design, but will probably do a closed one on the next one, and having a side pocket for the controller would be a good addition. I have a small bag that all of this stuff and more go into, but for even greater portability, I would like to design a smaller bag for just the drone and controller. Hand stitching the last seam with my big hands was a bit of a challenge, but hey, we got it done!

Edit: Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement, everybody. Leather was always something I’ve wanted to work with but thought that the original investment was going to be costly (says the guy who was an original backer of the GF and had never even seen a laser in real life :sweat_smile:). It’s surprisingly not too expensive to try out, and I’d say that the cost is worth the experience of working with it, even if you decide to not continue using it. It’s been my favorite medium so far, because it’s so interesting what all you can do with it, like staining it with the shaving cream, or designing any sort of container.

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