Pre Release: Cat Shelf is Live
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Today was install day at my wife’s practice for the cat perch and cat steps. I ended up going with a distressed stain in green (it’s supposed to be foliage/cat themed for the tree).

So why distressed? Well because super cheap 1/8" birch ply takes stain like crap. But as someone who views problems as challenges, figured, well heck why not embrace that too? It looks more natural. So I didn’t put prestain on, and didn’t concentrate on really getting a smooth look. And where the spew from the laser condensed, well that just looked even better!

Well today went over later in the afternoon to my Wife’s hospital, where it was somewhat chaotic, but luckily the exam room this was going up in was not in use. First thing I checked was studs; ugh, they are on 8" centers (yes, 8" centers). WTF???

Each shelf and step are attached via 50lb anchors and I put a brass washer between the wood and screw to make it not as damaging (liked the brass look).

Abby the elderly hospital cat on the perch. She doesn’t move fast and doesn’t see to well, but eventually just sat on the perch (no way is she spritely enough to climb up on her own).

Second shelf is limited in height as my wife is very short, and said “I’m not reaching over my head to get a scared cat down

The pattern really looks nice with the tree…

Urgent overnight project

As this is becoming the “Cat room” I noted that the door is a dog with #3 on his body… Well that’s kind of goofy. So a cat 3 needs to be made tonight… But when you have a GF, easy…

And some astute viewers may have noted an extra wall anchor near the lower shelf. Another GF project is going right there. Plus of course, I have to sign the work (well the shelves have my maker-mark, but a sign for real)

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