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There a couple people were wondering about avg. power consumption on a glowforge.

I did a sample cut on non-proofgrade cedar (1/4") and metered the process.

Now, this is a moving target. This is equal to trying figure out the exact amount of prints you can get from a ink jet cartridge. There are a lot of variables. With that said this is a ‘rough average’ of what the consumption ‘could’ be like.

And the usual disclaimer about the fact this is a pre-release and the final could be different goes here.

The values were pulled from a power metering sensing z-wave outlet. I’ve setup my HA (Home Automation) setup poll it every second.

So with the machine on an idle (Powered up and doing nothing)

This is the measurement of it doing the depth sensing (Moving the gantry to the center and probing)

This op was a two parter. One cut, bunch of engraves. I broke the engraves apart so I can have time to take pictures while this is going on. Otherwise it would have zipped thru this too fast.

Cutting (90% power - 20in/min)

Engraving (8% power - 225in/min)

Second part of the engraving (same power levels as above)

End results

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