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My glowforge had some mileage on it when I got it. Then I added even more mileage since I’ve owned it. The honeycomb has definitely seen some better days.

Discamiler. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL GUIDE ON HOW TO CLEAN THE BED. You do this and screw thing up. Shame on you.

Okay then.

Play this while reading this. Wait until the 50 sec point then start.

This is what it looked like before I cleaned it.

This is the after.

Steps in-between.

  1. Fill a bucket with hot’ish water and add simple green.

Big Bucket.

  1. Remove the honeycomb from its housing.

The process is pretty easy. 4 philips screws and 4 M3 screws.

  1. Insert honeycomb in bucket.

Depending of the size of the vessel let soak 5mins per side. Then agitate the bed in the bucket similar to a washing machine.

Use a plastic bristle brush to scrub surfaces. Set aside to dry.

Then grab the pan and the bed chassis and clean them.

  1. Allow everything to dry.

  1. After everything is DRY reassemble.

Once again- This is not an official guide. This is mostly to show it possible to clean the bed to a like new condition.

Possible FAQ’s

  1. !!Does this mean I can clean the bed and then use food in my Glowforge?!

No. As this process only cleans the bed and not the rest of the machine.

  1. Can I stick the honeycomb in the dishwasher?

No. High heat can warp the bed. Plus, why would you want stuff with vaporized whatever in your dishwasher? Yeah, I know its a dishwasher- and it washes stuff… but like food.

  1. Can I use the cleaning function on my oven?

No. High heat can warp the bed.

  1. Why use Simplegreen? Acme brand is better…

I used Simple Green as it’s cheap and it’s non-toxic. And it’s pretty readily available in the US. You can use whatever you want. But if you screw it up- That’s all you. This is a ‘It’s possible post’. Not a guide.

It’s been a couple months since I’ve done this and everything is still okay.

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