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Two years ago my wife decided to quit her job as a graphic designer and go to grad school full time. It has been pretty intense, and almost anytime she was asked how things were going she would answer “bananas”. Last weekend she graduated and we had a bunch of friends and family over to celebrate.

I decided we had accumulated a surplus of bananas, and that this was a good opportunity to redistribute them. So I invented my own fiat currency, known as “the banana”, with each coin good for a drink at our party. They came in several styles because I was just screwing around and using up scraps of hardwood and acrylic.

For reference the larger ones are about the size of a US quarter.
The monkeys loved them. :slight_smile:

I also made brackets to hold “ping” ultrasonic sensors and IR distance sensors for some robots my father is making. He apparently bought a bunch of the sensors, but the company has stopped making the aluminum brackets they used to sell. Fortunately they still had a PDF with dimensions available.

I have a more complicated project in the works, but have been having some mechanical engineering issues.

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