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Last night I got a magical email from @Rita, and by this morning a glowforge arrived and was henceforth dubbed “the burninator”! I was up dancing all night. My girlfriend is not happy about how much sleep she got lol!

First things first, the old K40 was removed to make room for the burninator!

Oh man! Its HERE!!!

Laser head unboxing

A bevy of proofgrade® materials to try out! Thanks guys!

This box is HUGE!!!

And here it is! In all its glory! Ok kidding obviously. he was a good laser…

Its stretching out in its new home! ready to do some work!

@yves was right. It was almost exactly 20 minutes from the point I got the box into my office to the time I was able to hit print on my first glowforge piece. Very easy!

Proofgrade was a dream. All the settings worked first time out. This came out great. 24 minutes to engrave and cut on 225LPI. 1/8 birch ply. Im going to have to do a test on my k40 to see what a comparable cut would take time-wise. I can tell you its WAY longer.

Making an SVG for the forge is really easy and straightforward. I made two layers for this guy. One was the outer cut line - stroke with no fill, the other was the engrave - fill no stroke. Boom, was ready to go!

So… Unfortunately I have to go into the office now, but I will definitely be posting later with more forgie goodness!

If you have any questions Ill be glad to answer them!

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