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Over a year ago I started my first design in preparation for getting a Glowforge. Can you believe I actually thought I might have one in time for Christmas 2015?

I would have done this sooner but I had to redesign for the ProofGrade Maple plywood. One reason why doing a parametric design pays off. I just redid it in Inkscape using the exclusion/difference tool and offsets to make the tabs. After an initial run the other night to dial in the living hinge trough and test tab tolerance I was ready to print.

At the moment it is just friction fit. I may rework the design slightly to have it stay assembled without glue.

There are a couple tabs I need to tweak but it goes together fine. MakForge was engraved separately and I didn’t pay attention to the rotation angle so it’s off. But it turned out fine and usable for a first print.

Special shoutout to @jacobturner who helped me last year and even made an early version. That experience on the forum was crucial for me and all the things I learned and still need to learn.

The Glowforge worked perfectly and the ProofGrade maple is just amazing. It is so predictably perfect.

The thread that started this.

And now I need to send a few of these out because I have some prizes to give out.

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