House Numbers with Personality - Newbie Project
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The previous owners of our new house hid the house numbers under the gutters for some reason. We installed a mailbox at the street the day we closed on the house (the mailman still walks door-to-door in our neighborhood), but I didn’t like the ready-made numbers available at the local hardware stores. After unpacking enough to set up the Glowforge (and chasing delivery trucks down the street a couple of times), I created a file in Illustrator and tried converting it into an SVG.

It took a couple of tries to get the settings correct so that the Glowforge cut all the way through the 0.40 -inch styrene, but pretty soon we had numbers. I would have placed the numerals closer together to conserve materials, but the styrene was cheap and I needed a template to make sure they were properly arranged on both sides of the mailbox. I’m just a little bit compulsive about that kind of thing being exact .

Numbers cut out


Mounting with the template using LocTite Go-To Gel adhesive


And voila! House numbers with personality!



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