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I’ve been really loving playing with making Hebrew abecedaria designs and finally got to put a few through the forge.

Three sizes in this first batch: 11x17, 8x10, and 4x6. Well, not exactly 11x17 since the cut limit on my machine seems to be 10.95".


The 11x17 was first. The white paper is from Amazon, while everything else is from my years-old stash of cardstock. I used bleach in a little spritzer to create the splatter effect on the paper behind the letters (it was solid dark green). Since most of my paper is 12x12 at largest, I experimented with a little creative piecing together for the colored portions to make a single 11x17 sheet.



The 8x10 was made in much the same way. The top blue layer got some bleach, plain cardstock behind the letters, and fancy stuff pieced in.


The 4x6 is just the letters cut out of white paper with another piece behind it - nothing terribly exciting there.


Another shoutout to @raymondking32 and now @wing for the paper settings here and here.

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