A question for model railroaders
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I’ve been working for a couple months on some things I plan to give my mom and sisters for Christmas. These are based on an LED candle lantern I bought for $5 at Aldi, and disassembled to removed the fake candle part. I made tiny HO scale houses to go inside, based on the pattern I used for this house.


Actually I made three of them:


I had to extensively redesign the house since it was too big to fit in the lantern otherwise.

The tiny LED bulb from the original candle goes up inside the house, so when you turn on the switch it lights up:


Okay, so here’s the question. I’m thinking it might look even better if I added a little snow to the scene. I’ve got a package of model railroaders snow here to do it with. But I can’t decide. If I do, it would only be appropriate for display in the winter (which is probably okay). And the other thing is I’m afraid of screwing up the job. They look pretty good right now, what if it requires years of experience to get good looking snow on a model? What would you do?

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