So I had to decorate a 5' tall Easter egg
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Ojai, CA 
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Another huge art project with the Glowforge under my belt! This one was a doozy.

Y’all know how the GF takes forever a little more time than maybe we would all like to engrave?

How about I cover the five foot tall egg with engraved paper? (Facepalm)

You can read about the whole process at my blog, but I wanted to come here to specifically commiserate about that and the little things - like how I spent hours just placing and picking up tiny, little nuts I had to use to weigh down the paper, lest it blow all over the machine.

At first I used these little, geode-y cement paper weights I had made. At one point, the laser arm grabbed one and scrrrrrraped it all the way across the tray (ripping all the paper) and I nearly had a heart attack. Fun times, guys. Watch the height of your paper weights!

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