Prerelease Trace Test on Cardstock
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Continuing the discussion from No Foolin':

and also this excellent topic:

We have had many discussions about the accuracy of this function. Here is an example of the different steps. I also show the use of masking on a paper product, .012" cardstock (thanks again @cynd11!). I also show why I do not use this function much as you can see from the hand drawn cat/pig that is the subject.

Cat/pig drawn directly on Laserbits masking with a fine point Sharpie. The masking is applied on both sides of the paper.

As scanned in bed before trace and without material thickness adjusted (do that later).

Resulting Scan.

Resulting trace. I’m doing a cutout.

Overlay before adjusting for thickness by putting in the thickness in (.0185" including masking.)

After adjusting for thickness of the material.

In the bed right after the cut.


With masking removed. With care you can remove it without damaging the cardstock. Smoothing the masking out without pressing too tightly to the cardstock will help prevent tear away.

Backside. A little flashback at corners. I had a bit more power than necessary to cut through this thin cardstock. I hadn’t cut this before and didn’t bother to do a test.

I hope this helps keep the conversation going.

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