Wooden train tracks
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My son told me he needed some more y-shaped track junctions for his wooden railway. There is an OpenSCAD library called tracklib that you can use to generate models for tracks, and I was going to 3D print some, but my recent move jostled things and now I have to relevel the bed on my 3D printer, etc. etc. So I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to “discover” (fight with) the Fusion/Inkscape workflow and Glowforge some tracks. Should be quick and easy, right?

I modeled up some tracks using a combination of parameters from tracklib, measured dimensions on an exemplar, and Wikipedia knowledge. The trouble started when I started converting everything to vectors for cutting. I thought I had it figured out, but then as I was watching the Glowforge do its thing, I saw it do what looked like a double cut on a part. Look at each path in the objects list and make sure none got doubled up.

Anyway, here’s the result. I still need to mirror it and duplicate it for the bottom half so that it’s reversible. I plan on making all the pieces female and cut a bunch of dog bone connectors for flexibility.

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