How it Works

Spread the word

When friends ask you how you made them such a beautiful gift, or when your customers want to know your secret to creating custom cutting boards, tell them about your Glowforge! Let them know that they can also create amazing things, then send them your personal referral link.

Send your Link

Anyone who’s used your link will show up in your Referrals Dashboard. You can keep an eye on it to see when they’ve placed an order, but we’ll email you about the good news, too!

Get paid

Once their order ships, you get paid for the referral. Refer up to 5 friends and get paid up to $500 for each one! You can redeem your reward in Glowforge store credit (hello, Proofgrade!) or even in cold-hard cash.

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Terms + Conditions

for more details.

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Historical Referrals

Share your new referral link above!

You know something your friends might not yet: that Glowforge is magical. Help unlock the creative potential of your community by introducing your friends to Glowforge. To make sure you get rewarded for sharing Glowforge, share your updated link with friends and family.

It’s so easy! There’s no additional sign up or hoops to jump through. You’re all set to start sharing your link as soon as you get your machine.”



My favorite part about the referral program is being rewarded for something I’m already excited about sharing.



My favorite part about participating in the referral program are the rewards. It helps me bring to life the projects that I have in my head.”



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