Lost Hearts

Limited Edition "Lost Heart" NFT Collection by Kate Micucci

This collection is created by actress, comedian, and musician, Kate Micucci, who is known for her whimsical hand drawn art. Micucci’s “Lost Heart” 10 panel comic collection has been turned into a printable design that involves a two-tone stamp of the piece using a Glowforge.

One-of-a-kind physical art

Each NFT can only be printed once, allowing collectors of Micucci’s art to turn their digital asset into one-of-a-kind physical art.

On Display at the Seattle NFT Museum

The “Lost Heart” collection will be on display for the opening of “Pioneering Women in NFT Art” exhibit at the Seattle NFT Museum on Saturday, February 24, 2022

Seattle NFT Museum

Lost Heart by Kate Micucci