Exercising the trace feature - 3D model from a 2D drawing
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As a not-artist, the trace feature was not something I initially thought I would use very much. But vector art is not exactly in my wheelhouse at the moment either (working on it!). Last night I got a taste of how cool Trace will be for my development process.

I sketched this up on paper with a pencil (using my handy :glowforge: ruler to make sure I was roughly mirroring the shape) and dropped it into the bed to trace. I had to darken a few lines and repeat the trace several times until I got a continuous shape with no breaks, but it looked pretty clean to me. I found that the :glowforge: kerf is so small that it actually took my line drawing and cut on both the inside and the outside of my lines! (Showoff!)

The double line cut is not necessarily what I will be going for once I cut this out in some nice hardwood, but for development I can live with it. Plus I get a cool, hand drawn look to the cutout. Anyway, here’s my toy rocket prototype in cardboard!

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