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I just wanted to whip up something to put on my sister’s birthday gift for this weekend (already made her an edge lit Happy Birthday sign). So I was leaning toward handmade flowers, and of course I wanted to use the Glowforge. I flirted with the idea of making them out of leather, but knowing my sister they would end up in the trash after opening the gift (she’s not into saving stuff; that’s fine). So I decided to use Grunge Paper from Ranger instead. It is made from recycled paper and has a texture and thickness very much like thin leather, and you can do pretty much the same things to it. Great for prototyping leather things.

I designed the tripetal pieces in Illustrator with the little squiggly edges using the ZigZag filter. Cut out of Grunge paper (cuts like butter).

Then colored with leather dye, stacked a couple, deformed them a bit, and put in a rhinestone brad to hold them together.

Stuck them to the package with thick glue dots, and there you are:

You should really give Grunge paper a try.

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