Wedding Invitations - Glowforge Project
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Hi Forgers!

This is my first post ^.^ I’m pretty proud of this project. It took so many hours to design and cut and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

After looking at wedding invitations online and seeing nothing I loved, and the invitations I kind of liked were well over $700 and super basic— I decided the best course of action was to make them myself!

I ordered 50pcs of each of the following:
A-7.5 Envelopes (for mailing)
A-7 Envelopes (for RSVP cards)
A-9 80 lb Card Stock in:
“steel blue” (green),
“Nightshift Blue”,
“Graphite Gray Canvas”,
“Burgundy”, and
“Charcoal Brown”
This all cost $104 and I didn’t use all the materials (only needed 29 invitations. It’s a small wedding!) The only other expense was nice paper clips and postage (I also got a custom rubber stamp but I’m not including that in the cost — but could have made that on the glowforge too!)

Ok - for cutting and engraving specs on 80 lb card stock (on GF basic) I used:
Cutting - speed 500 power 30-35 (up to 40 for the canvas stock)
Engraving - speed 1000 power 12

I used little magnets to keep the paper in place, and once cut the paper didn’t move since it still had to be lightly punched out. I did start by putting a magnet outside and inside the cut area, but learned I only needed to keep the outside secured.

I had to be careful what fonts I used - engraving san serif fonts is tricky


I tried two different green colors for the trees - the engraving on both was hard to read.






At first I thought it would take me about 15 hours to cut and engrave all these invitations. It was more like 22-24 hours for 29 invitations (6 cards per invitation) on a basic model.

P.S. Please don’t come to my wedding.

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