Edge lit acrylic display box with D battery holder - 300+ hrs of glow-time
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I needed a “flashy” :wink: marketing technique to get as many folks as possible to complete a 2-3 min survey for a school project. I started with this clever lil guy but realized it wouldn’t last nearly as long as I needed it to - probably 8-10 hours at best. So I nerded out a bit on all-things-batteries and crunched some numbers and found that size D batteries should power my 3 individual 3V LED’s for nearly two weeks - Fun Fact: battery capacity is directly related to the volume of a battery, …who knew?!). Turns out I didn’t even need to add the salvaged on/off switch I stole from my kiddo’s old forgotten toy :shushing_face:

Here’s a shameful plug to the 100% anonymous survey for my group project for if you happen to have 2-3 minutes to spare. My team would super duper appreciate it!






If you’re just dying to know the punch line, you can click the link and not go on with the survey

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