Playing with acrylic
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My daughter was recently Jojo in a production of Seussical the Musical…I’ve gotten in the habit of always making her a closing gift of some sort, usually something that the cast can sign for her. So here’s what I did for Seussical. :slight_smile: She had the cast sign the outside white section and hung it in her bedroom.

Materials: 3 different acrylics (white, black, red) all from Inventables. Acrylic glue to hold it all in place.

Process: there’s a total of 4 layers of 1/8 inch acrylic. The words and hat were all cut, and the underlying base was very very lightly etched to give me something to “set” the pieces into. Acrylic solvent and a syringe applicator, some patience, and I’m happy with it.

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