Hello! I made this game board and have some questions :)
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Hello everyone!
I’m Jaya. I have been regular reader of this group and have found tons of help and inspirations from here. I got my glowforge a month back and it’s been learning process.

I made a game board based on a game that we used to play as kids. It’s called Tiger’s move, when translated in English.

I used maple plywood for the game board, my kids colored them with sharpie. For the game pieces, I used mixed media …Proofgrade acrylic on top and draft board on bottom. I used tacky glue gel to stick them together. The glue dried clear but still I can see some from clear acrylic.
That was not bothering me and everything was looked good until the acrylic fell apart from the draft board.

Can anyone suggest me the kind of glue I can use for this kind of project? A. That is durable And B. That can not be seen through the acrylic?

Any suggestions you might have is very much appreciated.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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