Hobbits for the neighborhood: Work in Progress
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We have noticed a significant uptick in walkers of all ages in our neighborhood, as you might expect in these days of social isolation, so I cooked up a project to amuse the passers by.


Update: I added a little fence and gate with sign (just for you @pubultrastar).


The design of this Hobbit house is based on the movie set design for Lord Of The Rings, and most of the parts were cut from acrylic. I thought that might last longer in the dirt. Some of the accent pieces as well as the door were made of Baltic birch, and I made stencils to create the brickwork with texture paste. After gluing everything together, I coated the whole project with 2-part epoxy resin for weather resistance. We inserted it into the hillside next to our driveway just now. The blue particles are grass seed. I’ll update the photo once everything is growing in nicely.

Hillside photo:


Updated: I uploaded the design files and assembly instructions here.

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