Prototyping acrylic boxes
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So one of my co-works stopped me yesterday asking if i could make etched acrylic boxes that we could use to dress up some client gifts. I said of course i can, and then down the Glowforge rabbit hole i went. Who needs sleep when you have a laser. :slight_smile:

They didn’t know exactly what the object will be or what the graphics will look like so i just mocked up a deck of cards holder. I used an online box generator to create the finger jointed box plan. Then i modified it to fit my design. Some how i messed up the alignment of the top cutout that i didn’t notice until too late.

But i am really happy on how well they fit together. It took a couple of tests to get the kerf right for a tight fit.

They loved them and want me to make 80 boxes!! Super excited about getting my first paying job!!! Can’t wait to see what they end up designing for the art.

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