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So, it all started with this thread: Art Institute of Chicago Archive

I suddenly got obsessed with this image and the idea of a leather engrave.


What option do I have, but to dig in and burn?

Since I wanted to make this a real art piece, I ran to Michaels for a frame. Behold! Buy one, get one free sale! Jackpot!


I really liked the style of this frame, so I ended up with two. #Winning

Then I had to figure out how I was going to use it.



No Mat?


Survey said? Mat, absolutely. (Well, 6-5)

Extensive measurements







Ready the image:


Blue is the dimensions of the mat area I wanted to use. Red gives me a lip to work with. If you look at the mat, it has 2 layers with a gap between them. I wanted the mat for contrast, but to put the leather between the layers (foam spacer between) to give a slightly less sophisticated, slightly more rustic appearance. Engrave, tape, score, cut.


Yes, that is a battery pack, a cable, and a GoPro for later video. Don’t try this at home. (Note: The GoPro was out of the gantry path. The battery is thin enough to engrave and made of anodized aluminum. It is impossible for the laser to actually hit anything harmful.)


Taped cut area removed from the laser. The image was a raster, the lines vectors. It took a few tries to get the image adjusted right for this and do a good burn. (Couple destroyed pieces of leather later.)


Tape removed. Looking pretty good. You can see the image, the score line, and that lip designed for placement and centering.


Now it is placed in the mat, between the layers. I used some careful manipulation and the front glass to get the leather placed. It is pinned in place at this point, though still free to move. I added simple wide painters tape to the back. I outlined the whole rectangle and pressed it tight. I checked, and that is holding the leather in good place.

The end result?


You can just see the edge of some of the score lines. Their dimensions are exactly the same as the mat line, so it will show at a careful angle.

This leaves me 2 serious issues.

  1. Since I got 2 identical frames, I have to figure out the perfect companion image for this one.
  2. Since these 2 pieces are for me, I have to figure out where to hang them in my apartment.

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