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We received a GF through a grant in January and have experimenting with it this spring semester. Attached are some examples of work students have done. Much of it is pretty simple but it has still been a great learning experience for both myself and the students. Students have ipads to work with, and I have old mac laptops with TurboCAD. We don’t have photoshop or illustrator.


Students in architecture have created drawings of a house of their design. We decided to create 3D models of their houses with cardboard and then some students created 3D models of bathroom and kitchen fixtures with our Flashforge Finder.


This gentleman drew each part in a CAD program and then 3D printed and Glowforged the parts. Pull a string and the fan spins.


This is a woodworking project that would typically be made out of wood by tracing the drawings onto the wood. This gentleman drew each part and cut on Glowforge.


Woodcraft students do a woodburning using a woodburning iron. They create a frame and we engraved some designs into the frame before being assembled.


Tower of Hanoi Puzzle. Typically students cut all the parts but drawing and scanning the circles into the Glowforge makes the circles consistent in shape and size.


Table topper. We produced 30 of these table toppers in a class and gave to teachers in the building. Each table topper was engraved with the teachers name.


Tic Tac Toe - Project was designed and drawn in a CAD program and cut on Glowforge. Puzzle can be stored with all the parts inside the top and bottom and a rubber band holding it together.


And of course, tiles. We have done about 40 tiles with different designs. Best tiles were art students that drew original artwork and engraved into tiles. We made simple frames with the Glowforge as well to go around each tile.

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