Memorial for my cat Lois
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Sunday afternoon my 16 year old cat, Lois, passed away. Even though she was 16, it wasn’t expected, because until that morning, she still acted like a nimble little kitten.
She wasn’t herself all morning, and after two trips to the Emergency Vet, she quickly declined, and passed on her own with all of my family surrounding her, showering her with so much love.
An x-ray showed a mass right next to her heart, that the Veterinarian said could either be cancer, or an infection. Either way, Lois never indicated anything was wrong, and was always there with me until she passed, where I can say I was there for her.
I was in a haze all of Sunday night and yesterday, and only concentrated on making this for our wall, where it will hang over a shelf that will hold her urn.

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