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When I posted my Glowing Overwatch Sign (a gift for my niece), @mpipes commented that I had better have something in the works for my own kids.

Challenge accepted. :wink:

(I really need to work on my photography skills, though…)

The idea was based on a quote that my son had mentioned he liked.

The frame was based on the one I used for the prior project, but this time the innards included multiple layers of acrylic (teal and black). For the innermost layer, I again used light-diffusing plastic from Inventables (http://www.inventables.com/categories/materials/plastic/light-diffusers).

As with the Overwatch sign, this one glows.

But this time, I included a multi-color light strip with remote control, so he can change the color.

I especially like how it looks when the room lights are out.
(It’s intentional that the other words are invisible in the dark.)

As an added bonus, the $16 LED controller I used (http://a.co/8Fp10pI) is also wifi enabled, so he can control the lighting via a smart phone app or Alexa/Echo. It can even pulse and change colors to music.

(I didn’t even know these controllers existed a week ago, and I’m still amazed at how quickly something like this can go from idea to reality with the Glowforge.)

My other son got something as well, but I still need to take photos of that one…

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