Beta day - three (Acrylic Boxes and iPhone Tripod)
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I set the previous project aside for a while and decided to spend some time working with acrylic.
The first thing I made was a one inch cube box with a hinge and a clasp.

The first prototype just had the hinge, and was made in a very attractive blue plastic that is almost impossible to photograph well (at least with my primitive gear).

This was pretty successful, although I forgot to make the top shorter than the bottom.

I then made a second version in a cool looking matte finish clear acrylic. This one had the clasp as well.
Here is a short shaky poorly shot video of the cutting action.

Assembly was a challenge since the pieces are tiny.

The hinge in particular was tough to get glued on and lined up. I have some ideas for making this easier next time (if there is a next time). The end result is great though, the only tools I used were the Glowforge, a little bit of sandpaper, blue tape to hold it together, magnets inside to hold it down while gluing, a squeeze clamp, and some glue. It snaps shut with a satisfying click.

And here is is in action, with a lot less shake.

The second project was a way to hold my iphone while shooting so I can get less shaky pictures and video. :slight_smile: I used it on the second video, and it works well. I hope to be able to get some less shaky action shots now.

Then since it was sunny out (!) I had to stop playing with my new toys and cut the lawn.

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