Fold-out dice box (and dice tower)
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A few weeks back, I posted a “Made on a Glowforge” post for a design I made for a dice tower that folds up into a 6"x3"x3" box for travel. I’ve made a few revisions to that design, and realized that the “Free Laser Designs” category might be a better fit for it.


  • Thinner supports, so more space on the sides for art.
  • Better hinge design for easier opening.
  • Secure “basement” area with a sliding door for storing extra sets of dice, mini figurines, or whatever you’d like.
  • Easy close no matter where the dice are.
  • Lid design keeps box closed when upright or when lifted by the sides.

I’ve also posted a Google Drive folder that includes the SVG, a README file, the video, and an annotated set of instructions with photos.

Video link (Embedding is still broken.)

SVG (I’d host on this forum, but it seems not to like my file right now.)

Project homepage for permanent links, updates, and what-not

Enjoy, and please post your results and customizations! I’d love to see what you build from this design.

EDIT: Be sure to check out @dan’s serrated-tab upgrade, which goes together easily without glue!

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