First day making: Honeycomb earrings, plant labels, tiny chair, and more!
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Unpackaged her this week, and today finally got to start making! I have some past experience with an Epilog at a maker space, but it’s been quite a while, and so had to get through the first chunk of my learning curve today re: file set up, starting to play with different materials, etc.

Had fun making plant labels-- I’ve done them before out of wood (using bulk box of untreated whitewood labels from greenhouse supply company), but thought I’d see what I could do with what I had around. They really don’t need to be permanent, and I find it quite helpful to have some up to date info on them, because I inevitably lose my sheet of paper of what was planted when, et al. I love mat board as a pretty sturdy and readily-available free/used/cheap medium. It was sunny in Michigan and 40, so much warmer and a great day to do a first planting of cool weather crops in my little hoophouse. I experimented with both mat board and cardboard (tried two different settings). No masking, as I’m fine with some burn marks-- they’re going to get dirty anyway. The mat board did better of course, but cardboard wasn’t half bad-- this was thicker corrugated so it flops a bit when you try to stick it into the ground-- might be better to put it on a skewer-- then the skewer is what sticks into the ground.




Also, designed some honeycomb earrings that I printed on the Proofgrade maple hardwood, as well as a undefined-use honey-comb shaped thing as an experiment.



Downloaded, printed, and assembled an OpenDesk chair that I scaled down from CNC and human size, and now making adjustments on the design that I think will improve it and taking away elements like the drill holes. Rubber-bands were being temporarily used as clamps. Fun to see the great furniture we can adapt to laser scale.


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